Copperdawg SeatCowls are custom built and painted items. Wait times vary depending on season but an estimate will be sent with your order acknowledgement upon placing an order. For a full description of the Terms and Conditions Click HERE or send us an Email.
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Q: Do you ship outside the US?
A: Yes, we have shipped to every continent but there are some countries we cannot ship to, if you have questions, email us - Here

Q: What are terms and conditions of sale?

Q: I placed an order but have not heard back from you.
A: We respond to the email provided to us thru Paypal once payment is cleared, sometimes this can takes a few hours or even a day in       
some cases. Make sure to check the email account you associated with your Paypal account.

Q: Do you use factory paint?
A: Yes. We use the "Factory Authorized" paints from Color Rite. They are a perfect match.

Q: What are the wait times for the "custom built" items?
A: It depends on work load, (time of year) normally under two weeks but it can get higher

Is shipping free?
No. The only item that includes shipping is our flies. Everything else requires shipping. 

Q: What shipping methods do you use?
A: United States Parcel Post. We have shipped all over the world with great success using this service and it is also the least expensive.

Q: Can I get tracking information?
A: Yes, our shipping software automatically emails you with tracking data upon shipment. We will only correspond with the email address associated with your Paypal account. It is an auromated email so some spam folder might catch this email. The only item that does not have tracking data are the secondary Flies.

Q: How do I know if the colors match my bike?
A: The paints we use are specified as a match by the manufacturer and are checked against samples whenever available.

Can I make a special painting request?
A: Yes, email us with your ideas and we'll see what we can do

Q: Do your products come with instructions?
A: Yes, in all cases where items need any installation procedure we provide instructions and full support.

Q: The prices seem a little high, why do some items cost so much?
A: Quite simply, the custom built and painted items are just that - these parts are labor intensive and utilize very expensive finishing materials applied by very skilled labor. If you consider buying a similar item that is unpainted and then add the cost to put a professional, durable finish on it you will find that Copperdawg items are very reasonable.
Q: Do your Seat Cowls fit the European FZ1?
A: If your bike has the rear "grab handles" our seat cowl will fit it

Q: How does the FZ1 SpeedScreen mount to the bike?
A: Just like the stock screen plus an extra attachment via either the blank mirror holes or small screws at the sides

Q: Does the FZ1 Fender Eliminator include the little light for the license plate?
A: No.

Q: Can you mount the stock blinkers to the Copperdawg Fender Eliminator?
A: There are no mounts for this

Q: Will the Radiator Guard make my bike run hotter?
A: No. even in very hot (Florida) climates we have seen almost no temp rise in operation

Q: What do the Secondary Flies do?
A: Helps the midrange throttle response. See the video for more details - HERE

Q: Can I get a tracking number for the Secondary Flies?
A: No. The flies are the only item that does not have any tracking info as they are sent in a business sized envelop thru the mail