Copperdawg SeatCowls are custom built and painted items. Wait times vary depending on season but an estimate will be sent with your order acknowledgement upon placing an order. For a full description of the Terms and Conditions Click HERE or send us an Email.
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Some of the items we sell are Custom Made, due to the amount of options and/or time it takes to produce them. Every effort to reduce the turn around time of all custom parts is a priority but; the finishing process of these parts is lengthy and requires many steps. For this reason there will be a wait time between when the order is placed and when it ships. This wait time is usually just a couple of weeks but in peak season it can grow. Whenever an order is placed you will received an acknowledgement that the order has been received and at that time an estimate of turn around time will be given. Any returned Custom Made Item will incure a restocking fee.  
Shipping is NOT included in the prices of any product on this website except for the Secondary Flies. When you go to PayPal to checkout you must enter your location (Zip code US or Country) for the shipping calculator to add shipping. If no shipping is added, you will receive a PayPal request for the amount. Method of shipping is to be determined by and is normally via USPS Parcel Post. As of June 23rd 2019 the USPS shipping rates for packages larger than 1 cubic foot, will incure additional costs as they are now based on dimensional weight which can be far greater than the actual weight depending on size and distance shipped. does everything we can to keep costs as low as possible but these terms are beyond our control.
PAYMENTS is a Verified PayPal merchant. All payments are made through PayPal and provide protection for the customer and merchant alike. If you wish to use a credit card you can do so thru PayPal when you checkout. All payment information is kept confidential by PayPal. Some Payments may take a short period to clear.  All Prices on the site are in US dollars. If you are outside of the US and place a payment with PayPal, you MUST send the payment in US dollars. The prices for the items listed on this website reflect every effort in keeping costs to a minimum. We will continue to do everything we can to keep costs low, however Copperdawg reserves the right to alter the prices as required without notice.
DUTIES, TAXES, CANCELLATIONS AND OTHER FEES does NOT collect any Duties, Taxes or Fee's when shipping outside of the US. If you live outside the US and wish to purchase any item please be advised these items are your responsibilty when your order arrives. Please check your local customs to inquire about any such fees. PayPal no longer refunds their fees so a cancellation requires forfieture of those fees.
Anyone wishing to return an item MUST FIRST e-mail us and get permission for the return. No returns after 30 datys. No returns on any item that has been altered. Returns on any custom item will incure a restocking fee and in rare cases some Custom Items cannot be returned. Returned item MUST be in "AS NEW" condition. Returns are only for the cost of the part, no shipping fees are returned. Responsibility of returning the part falls to the consumer - any damage occurring to an item being sent back is the responsibility of the consumer. Restocking fees will be assessed upon receipt of the item at and will vary. The condition of all items made and shipped from are inspected and noted before shipping. Any claim of damage from shipment or manufacture defect must be documented upon receipt by photos and sent to Copperdawg in order to initiate a claim or return.